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Failure Analysis

When a wind turbine component or subsystem fails, a quick and effective resolution is needed to get the unit back on-line to minimize downtime. Initially a wind power plant operator may simply replace the failed component and accept the cost associated with the lack of reliability.

Turbine Technology Partners offers expert Root Cause Analysis (RCA) services to help operators understand the root cause of the problem, identify both preventative and corrective actions as necessary to prevent re-occurrence.  Turbine Technologies Partners’ RCA Process is based on well proven Six Sigma DMAIC principles and provides wind turbine operators with the confidence that the problem will only be solved once…..”first time right”.

Turbine Technology Partners RCA services:

  • Component failure investigation
  • Tools for failure modes and effects analysis to quantify risk
  • Proven ability to identify cost effective solutions to complex problems
  • Procedure/documentation updates to prevent reoccurrence
  • Oversight of corrective action implementation
  • Collection and analysis of control data to confirm effectiveness of solution